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JCL Productions, LLC was "birthed" from a mother (Cindy Cherry) and son (Jared Leon) filmmaking team.  Our vision is to create media content that is relevant to our culture, and its social climate and issues.  Our first film, The Basement won many awards, including Best Film, and Best Director.

Filmmakers that Love Christ

Cynthia Cherry

While writing and directing Passion Plays for a local church, we were inspired to write our film screenplay, The Basement.  Our love for feature films, and story-telling led us to produce and direct Scattered and Dawn.  Films that deal with relevant issues that affect our society and deal with spiritual issues.

Film Festivals and Distribution


Our films have won multiple Film Festival awards.  You can now see The Basement and Scattered on YouTube, and DAWN on Amazon Video.  Our movies have also been shown on UpLift TV.

The Last Will and Testament of Byron Colby

Our latest project!  A short dramedy!

DAWN Movie Trailer

A reserved business woman begins having vivid dreams about a neighbor's child being murdered. Once the dreams intensify, she tells her husband, and tries to get the police involved.   While neither believe her confessions,  the detective working on her case begins having the same dreams.

Scattered - the full movie

Check out this great film!

The Basement (Full Movie)

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Casting for Upcoming Webseries! Non-Union-Paid

We are casting for our new web-series:  A seasonal Anthology series.  Our first season is a crime drama, and we are need extras as police officers and others-all ages and ethnicities. 

Casting specifics:  Two - 15 yr old girls/One Caucasian and one Hispanic

One - 12 yr old girl/Hispanic

Principle character - Female Asst. 21-35 yrs old (all ethnicities)

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