Plot Summary

Carrie Saunders, a reserved executive who has been married the past sixteen years to her college sweetheart begins to have vivid dreams of her neighbor's daughter's friend, Dawn being murdered, and found in a pond.  The dreams intensify and become so real to Carrie that she reveals the dreams to her husband, Donald, who finds it hard to believe his wife.  Though Donald insists that she not go to the authorities, Carrie calls upon two young detectives, Grant and Parker, to investigate the case.  Unwilling to indulge Carrie's stories, the detectives dismiss her dreams as delusions.  Then one night, Grant begins having the same dreams about the same girl, Dawn.  Carrie has to race against time to save the girl before her dreams become reality....


Any movie is as good as its casting.  We were very blessed to find really great talent for the film.   Erin Nordseth gives a compelling performance as Carrie Saunders, the distraught woman who experiences the very vivid dreams.  Other wonderful performances were portrayed by Patrick Vann as Detective Charles Grant; Michael Sigler as Donald Saunders; and of course Rowan Titus as Dawn; as well as many others.

Cast and Crew - Thank You!

We at JCL Productions would like to thank an extraordinary cast and crew.  We could not have made this film without there commitment and talent.

Inspiration for the story...

Our children are our greatest treasure, and unfortunately are also prey to troubled individuals, who seek to hurt  innocent children.   This film was inspired by true events that have plagued our society.  We dedicate this film to those innocents and their families who have suffered and died at the hands of these predators. 


Officical Selections:  International Christian Film Festival, Inspired Faith Film Festival, Chautauqua International Film Festival, Christian FF, Los Angeles Cinefest, Christian Family FF.

Best Film-Inspired Faith Film Festival

Best Female Director-Inspired Faith Film Festival

Best Supporting Actor-Int'l Christian Film Festival