Plot Summary

Four friends who attend their college friend's graduation party, and  four others are plunged into an evening of terror as supernatural forces trap them in their friend's house.  Their fear grows as one by one those trapped in the house begin to disappear as they encounter hurts and pepole from their past...


This film was made with a stellar cast that we were excited to cast from professional non-union talent.   We were blessed to find the perfect talent for each role.

The Supernatural is Real

As Christian filmmakers, we were very excited to bring a story to life that dealt with the supernatural.  Since we believe in a supernatural God, we also know that there are dark forces that try to deceive and take many down the wrong path.   The battle between good and evil is played out in this film...


Official Selection - Miami Independent Film Festival, AFA Truth Awards, Christian Film Festival, DNA Filmworks Expo FF, Kingdomwood FF, Los Angeles Cinefest.

Best Film Award (Bronze)- Kingdomwood FF